Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach |

Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach |

Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

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Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach |

The fourth son of J. S. Bach (“Bückeburg” B.). He studied music with his father. Studied law at Leipzig University. From 1750 he was in the service as a musician, from 1758 – bandmaster at the court of Count Schaumburg-Lippe in Bückeburg. Author pl. works, to-rye, however, were inferior in their importance to the works. W. F. Bach and C. F. E. Bach. Author of 3 oratorios, spiritual and secular cantatas (including “The American” – “Die Amerikanerin”), 6 quartets for flute and strings. tools, production for clavier (2 sonatas in 4 hands, sonatas in 2 hands, variations), etc.

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