Nou fè yon kanpe pou yon gita ak pwòp men nou

Nou fè yon kanpe pou yon gita ak pwòp men nou

Stand – a device that allows you to carefully store the guitar, securely fixed in an upright position. This protects against accidental damage and saves space. Suitable for small spaces. It can be made independently.

There are several designs and design solutions available to everyone. They differ in fastening features. The type, material, assembly method depend on the possibilities and tastes. Skillfully made accessory looks stylish, decorates the interior. A collapsible product can be taken on trips, to events.

Popular A-shape. Allows you to mount the instrument vertically. Such a stand for a guitar is made by hand, usually from wood. It is an affordable, easily processed material. If desired, it can be replaced with plywood.

It should be remembered! The use of low-quality raw materials leads to damage to the case.

How to make your own guitar stand

Ki sa ki pral obligatwa

For work you need:

  1. boards (size – 600X350 mm, thickness – 18 mm);
  2. klou, vis;
  3. foam rubber or felt;
  4. furniture loop;
  5. epoxy resin two-component;
  6. glue for wood (preferably aerosol contact);
  7. fekondasyon pou bwa;
  8. varnish for wooden surfaces;
  9. leather cord.

The work is being done:

  1. band saw or electric jigsaw;
  2. tournevis;
  3. thickness gauge or planer;
  4. brûler gaz;
  5. brush or sponge.

Note! It is useful to be able to work on a milling machine. It can be replaced with a hand rasp.

Product drawings

The scheme of the side part is taken from the site of the master Johnny Brook. Drawings can be developed independently, using the proposed one as a sample.

etap pa etap plan

Nou fè yon kanpe pou yon gita ak pwòp men nouYou should start by taking measurements from the instrument. The body and kou vary in size. Stability depends on compliance with their parameters. Having decided on the values, it is necessary to cut out the diagrams of the side parts from paper.

After marking according to the scheme, details are cut out of the board. Cutting out the two lower side supports is done with a jigsaw. This should be done slowly and carefully, since the edge of circular products easily crumbles when you turn the file.

By adding both elements, you can further process on a milling machine, fitting to each other. It is important to take into account the direction of the fibers, so as not to grab too much. Sawn parts are cleaned with an emery tape.

Carving decoration. It is done with chisels by hand or by an engraver. Decoration of the product gives an aesthetic appearance. You can apply a stylish design that matches the interior. The cut contour is filled with epoxy resin. Heating eliminates all bubbles from the mixture. Planing cleans the surface, forming a contrasting pattern.

Both halves at the upper ends are connected by a loop on self-tapping screws. A leather cord is fixed below to control the width of the extension. It is threaded through the drilled holes arranged symmetrically and tied with knots.

Finishing impregnation is done with a sponge. After it, the places of contact with the body are treated with felt or foam inserts.

Treatment with stain, varnish. Be sure to dry.

Difikilte posib

Nou fè yon kanpe pou yon gita ak pwòp men nouIn the process of working with wood, it is necessary to take into account its structure, especially the direction of the fibers. Capricious material does not forgive inattention. Working with a planer, electric jigsaw, saw requires caution.

When assembling, the screws do not always hold firmly. It is better to use hardened ones. When assembling hardwood products, it is advisable to drill holes for them.

When assembling a design, you should remember about functionality. A guitar stand that is too heavy is not convenient, since a floor stand can be used at concerts and there is no point in making a bulky thing with your own hands. The ideal weight is about five kg.

Repons sou kesyon

What other designs are there?

On the Web you can find interesting projects of cruciform installations from boards. Frame forms made of polypropylene pipes are common.

How much money can you save by doing it yourself?

The cost of the simplest products made of synthetic materials is from five hundred rubles. Wooden products of the class of our rack cost at least 2000 rubles. An author’s handmade portable stand, which is an elegant element of the interior, can be sold for ten thousand.

Where should the floor stand for the guitar be placed in the room?

The corner of the room is the least suitable, since the place is saturated with moisture. It is preferable to place the instrument against a wall. The main thing is that it does not get damaged when it falls, when it is accidentally hit by the foot. It also cannot be located near the battery. High tanperati yo danjere.

What type of wood is best?

Common pine boards are the least suitable material. Hardwoods (oak, maple, linden) are stronger and look better.

Can rubber be used instead of foam and felt?

Masters do not recommend, because rubber stains the case due to reaction with varnish.

Handy DIY portable guitar stand suitable for acoustic, electronic, banjo and other string type instruments. The reduced version is designed for the size of the ukulele. Handicraft is always highly valued. Often people spare nothing for their native instrument. A beautiful, self-made stand is a sign of care for your favorite item.

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