Cm chord on guitar
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Cm chord on guitar

In this article we will touch learning the Cm chord on the guitar, namely the fingerings of the Cm chord and information on how to play and hold it. This chord is a complete copy of the Hm chord, but only 1 fret higher, i.e. The barre is placed on the 3rd fret.

Cm chord fingerings

see Cm chord fingerings and a real photo of the chord in a clamped form

compare, by the way, immediately, the chord Hm and Cm

         Cm chord on guitar

I repeat: the Cm chord is a complete copy of the Hm chord, but a step higher.

How to put (hold) a Cm chord

How is the Cm chord clamped? A little higher, I think I already made you understand that Cm is placed in exactly the same way as Hm, only one fret higher. This suggests that if you know Hm and know how to put it, then you can almost instantly put a Cm chord without any problems. Quite a popular chord among barre, by the way.


That’s all! Hope the article was helpful!

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