Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Both guitars have a soundboard, and neither needs to be plugged into an amp while playing. What exactly are the differences between them? They are two different instruments, each specialized for a different application.

Type of strings

The main difference between the two types of guitars is the type of strings that can be used for them. Classic guitars are for nylon strings and acoustic guitars are for metal. What does it mean? First, a significant difference in sound. Nylon strings sound more velvety, and metal strings more… metallic. The significant difference is also that metal strings produce more powerful bass frequencies than nylon strings, so the chords played on them sound wider. On the other hand, nylon strings, thanks to their softer sound, allow the listener to clearly hear both the main melody and the backing line played simultaneously on one guitar.

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Nylon strings

It is very important not to accidentally insert metal strings into a classical guitar. It can even damage the instrument. Wearing nylon strings on an acoustic guitar can be slightly less of a problem, but that is also discouraged. It is also a bad idea to wear three strings from the classical guitar kit and three strings from the acoustic guitar kit on one guitar. Nylon strings are softer to the touch and are not as tightly stretched as steel strings. However, this should not be confused with the convenience of the game. Correctly positioned classical and acoustic guitars will feel similar to your fingertips. Nylon strings, due to the fact that it is a softer material, tend to detune a little faster. Do not be overly guided by this as both types of guitars need regular tuning. When it comes to the method of putting on new strings, the two types of guitars are quite different from each other in this respect.

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Metal strings


Classical guitars are suitable for playing classical music. They should be played with the fingers, although of course the use of the puzzle is not prohibited. Their construction encourages playing them seated, especially in the characteristic position of a classical guitarist. Classical guitars are very convenient when it comes to playing fingerstyle.

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Classical guitar

An acoustic guitar is made to be played with chords. If you are looking for a fire pit or barbecue guitar this is the best choice. Due to this adaptation, it is a bit more difficult to play fingerstyle, although it is still an incredibly popular instrument to play fingerstyle. Most often the acoustic guitar is played in a sitting position with the guitar loosely on the knee or standing up with a strap on.

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Acoustic guitar

Of course, you can play whatever you want on any instrument. Nothing prevents you from playing the chords with the pick on the classical guitar. They will just sound different than on an acoustic guitar.

Other differences

The body of an acoustic guitar is often slightly larger than that of a classical guitar. The fingerboard in an acoustic guitar is narrower, because this guitar, as I wrote before, is adapted to playing chords. Classical guitars have a wider fingerboard that makes it easier to play the main melody and backing line at the same time.

These are still instruments similar to each other

By learning to play the acoustic guitar, we will automatically be able to play the classical. The same is the other way around. The differences in the feel of the instruments are small, although it should be remembered that they do exist.

Acoustic guitar and classical guitar

Myths about acoustic and classical guitars

Very often you can meet with advice such as: “it’s better to learn to play classical / acoustic guitar first, then switch to electric / bass”. This is not true because to learn to play the electric guitar … you have to play the electric guitar. It is the same with the bass guitar. The electric guitar is recommended to practice on a clean channel, which is more like playing an acoustic guitar than a distorted, more aggressive channel. That’s probably where the myth came from. The bass guitar is a much more separate instrument. It was created on the basis of the guitar concept in order to miniaturize the double bass. There is not the slightest need (although of course you can) play any other instrument if you really want to learn to play the bass guitar.


Hope you make the right choice. In the future, you may even need both an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar. It is no coincidence that professional guitarists even have several guitars of both types.


You write, whoever had a guitar had enough to eat and drink. I am 64 years old, I bought a Fender, but before I can learn to play I am going to die of hunger and thirst.


Thank you for helping me unlike


… I forgot to add that on this guitar with a great sound, I peeled off the varnish and maybe that contributed to its brilliant sound. Memories worth their weight in gold. (She was burnt at the ″ stake ″ like a friend’s moose stepped on her ″ belly ″ :). 6 seconds flame over 3m high and the ash remains.)


and I will thank you for the topic. Finally, a concrete explanation of the differences. I just noticed that so far I had only acoustic guitars in my hands: 5 pcs. And when I found out now that metal strings cannot be used in them, I was dumbfounded because the nylon in the first one sounded terrible, so I always replaced it with metal strings. None of them fell, and the great sound was obtained on thin Dean Markley strings for electric guitar. I’m starting to feel like switching to an acoustic one. Regards the author of the topic.


apilor but you are old gingerbread, not what we young 54-year-olds heheh: D (joke 🙂) I just pulled out my old piece of wood from the basement, from my young years (70/80) and indeed the fingerboard is removable. Only now thanks to you I found out that the unnecessarily unfolded box was being shipped. I have no idea how I could play it (I doubt it was music 🙂) I will start again but fingers are more like sticks for a rake, not for an instrument. I saw the overpriced Samicka C-4 for PLN 400, I think I will be tempted, the flaw on the doctor does not bother me, and it will bring some joy to making music. Thanks apilor for the inspiration, thanks a lot !!! 🙂


Mrs. Stago – how is it going to make your dreams come true? Grams?

the waters

To colleague ZEN. If your strings are too high, lower them. A bit of sandpaper and combine with the saddle, more carefully with the breastbone. If you get too much money, you will buy a new bridge and saddle for a small amount of money. Or figure it out. I made a saddle out of a piece of plexiglass and the guitar took soul. Even though it’s plastic.

I plead

I am glad that my post has received a response on the forum. I am experimenting with guitars all the time and I already know something. Namely, buy the guitar you dream of and what you can afford. Then you choose the right one. Do not reject the cheap ones because linden, maple and ash can sound great, they are only a bit quieter – which is their advantage. Long, expressive sustans are just marketing something there, but if someone takes place at home and does not disturb the neighbors, it is definitely something. At the concert, you can perfectly sound every guitar, even the quietest one. And they have the subtlest sound. Fact – I have not yet held an instrument that costs over PLN 2000. and I can be wrong. So let us wish that this new year will give us this opportunity. I greet everyone. And practice, practice !!!

the waters

I started playing with the classical guitar, after my sister ″ and with such a cheap guitar I came to the first workshop in my city, then lessons with the guitar teacher started and yesterday I got Lag T66D acoustics and a great relief, even though it is more difficult to play because of the differences in the strings it is more comfortable to play and your fingers get used to it over time.


Playing guitar is my eternal dream. As a teenager, I tried strumming something, I even learned the basic tricks, but the guitar was old, repaired after it cracked, so it was impossible to tune it well. And that’s how my adventure with this instrument ended. But the dream and love for the trembling sounds remained. For a long time I wondered if it was too late to learn, but by reading your comments I only make sure that it is never too late to make my dreams come true (I am ONLY 35 years old :-P). Decided, I buy a guitar, but I don’t know which one yet … I hope that someone in this shop will help me choose the right one! Regards.

with the

Hello. Both models are highly comparable. Both the build quality and the sound are very good considering the value for money. Yamaha has its own distinctive sound that some people love and criticize. Fender has recently improved the quality of the CD-60 model and the precision is above all worth mentioning. As I wrote earlier, both guitars are quite similar and it’s hard to choose the better one. Personally, I would choose a Fender, although the Yamaha f310 has a lot of fans and is reliable. It’s best to compare both instruments yourself.

Adam K.

I am thinking of buying a guitar. As if someone could advise which one is better? FENDER CD-60 or YAMAHA F-310?


And I also have Defil like Margrab to this day, the children did not buy me a Yamaha because I have no children, hehe. You can see that there is benefit from having them. But seriously, I haven’t learned to play the acoustics, even though I have been in Defil for 31 years. And this older teacher died, and this is something else later, and so much has been left of the enthusiasm. Now, despite being 46 years old, I want to make up for some time lost in this topic. I guess putting the box on the wall quickly was caused by the pain in my fingers. The only thing left for me to learn to play the guitar is to know the basic chords. The aforementioned Defil seems to me to have ultra-high suspended strings, which does not make the playing easier. And I like to finger the finger a little on the fingerboard. To Margrab – and this Yamaha is what model, if you can ask? Greetings to all guitar lovers.


Good. Now I also have acoustics and I was learning to play on the Polish Defil – or something like that. A long long break. The children bought me a ″ Mikołaj ″ Yamaha from your store. Well – another fairy tale. Now I will play lullabies for my grandchildren – heheheh. To my friend ″ apilor ″ – you are right, in the past you did not have to have a sleeping tent and money for food. It was enough to have a guitar and be able to sing a little. There is always a place to stay and eat at camping sites.


Nice article. I learned to play the Soviet-made acoustic guitar about 40 years ago. It wasn’t even an acoustic guitar, but something like that. It had a detachable neck and fits in a backpack. I played Okudżawa at the Bieszczady bonfires and I always had something to eat and drink. And today I have 4 classical guitars and I’m going to learn to play for real. Considering I’m 59 years old it won’t be easy. But this old guitar with an unscrewed neck will pay off. And it already pays off. I’m starting to feel. And hear. And the old fingers fasten. I’m gonna have fun. Regards

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