Accordion – an instrument for years

Accordion – an instrument for years

Accordions are not the cheapest musical instruments. In fact, regardless of whether we have an instrument worth several hundred zlotys or tens of thousands of zlotys, if we want it to serve us for years, we must take care of it properly. Of course, it is usually the case that we devote much more attention and care to the more expensive, higher-end instruments than to the budget school ones. It is human nature that we apply less restrictions to protect a cheaper than the more expensive instrument. However, be aware that the possible costs of repairing faults are as high in the case of these expensive and cheaper instruments. Therefore, if you want to avoid additional expenses, it is worth taking a few basic rules to heart.

Accordion case

Such a first and basic protection against mechanical damage to our instrument is, of course, the case. When buying a new instrument, such a case is always complete with an accordion. There are hard and soft cases available on the market. It will be much safer for our instrument to use a hard case. This is especially important if we travel frequently with our instrument. So if you are going to buy a used instrument for which the case has been lost, you should consider buying such a case. It is important that such a case is well-fitted so that it prevents the instrument from moving inside while traveling. There are also companies that make such cases to order.

The place where the instrument is stored

It is important that our instrument is stored in appropriate premises. In most cases, of course, it is our home, but it is worth ensuring that the instrument has its permanent resting place from the very beginning. We do not necessarily have to hide it in a case every time, for example, we will find a place for our instrument on a shelf in the closet. Then, if necessary, we can only cover it with a cotton cloth for additional protection against dust.

Atmospheric conditions

External weather conditions are a very important factor for the condition of our instrument. As a rule, we have a constant temperature at home, but remember not to put the instrument in too sunny places, among other things. For example, in summer, don’t leave the accordion by the window, and in winter, by a hot radiator. It is also inadvisable to keep the accordion in places such as a basement, an underground garage without heating, and wherever it may be too damp or too cold.

When playing in an open space, also avoid direct sunlight on the instrument on hot days, and it is definitely inadvisable to play in sub-zero temperatures. Incorrect approach to this issue may result in serious damage to the instrument, which, as a consequence, will require expensive repair in the service.

Maintenance, inspection of the instrument

As we mentioned above about the service, we should not let our instrument become completely ill. Most often, unfortunately, it is so that we go to the website at a time when the fault already becomes so serious that it interferes with our playing. Of course, if everything works well, there is no need to invent it and do not try to find faults by force. However, it is worth doing such an inspection from time to time in order to find out in what condition our instrument is and whether it is time to prepare for some renovation.

The most common faults

One of the most common accordion glitches is clipping mechanics, especially on the bass side. With old instruments, it is worth taking care of it and adjusting it, otherwise we can expect the bass and chords to be cut, which will result in unnecessary excitation of additional sounds. The second common problem with older instruments are the flaps on both the melodic and bass sides, which dry up and come off over time. Here, such a thorough replacement operation is performed approximately once every 20 years, so it is worth doing it reliably and having peace of mind for the next years of use. Often, the valves on the reeds let go, so also here, if necessary, such replacement must be made. Tuning the loudspeakers with wax replacement is definitely the most serious interference and at the same time the most expensive service. Of course, with time, we must take into account that both the keyboard and the bass mechanism will start to work louder and louder. The keyboard will start clicking as if we were hitting the table with a pencil, and the bass will start making a typewriter’s sound. The bellows will also start to feel old and will simply let air through.


Major and general accordion repairs are very expensive. Of course, if you have an instrument for several years or buy a long-term instrument, e.g. a 40-year-old one that has not been properly serviced so far, you must take into account that you will not be able to visit a specialist in the near or longer perspective. Whether to buy a new or used instrument, I leave it to everyone for personal consideration. Regardless of what instrument you have or what you intend to buy, take care of it. Do not disregard the rules of proper use, transport and storage, and this will allow you to avoid unnecessary visits to the site.

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